Advanced robotic technology in dentistry  

WVU Dental and Yomi

Using Yomi

When millimeters can make or break your smile, you deserve specially qualified dentists who can use some most advanced technology in dentistry. That is especially true if you are considering dental implants. At WVU Dental, periodontists are proud to offer patients dental implant surgery using Yomi. It is the only robotic technology of its kind in the state that empowers providers to maximize their skills to meet your expectations. Patients can obtain a more natural look and feel with robotic-assisted surgery. 

  • Eat with ease.
  • Smile with confidence.
  • Replace your dentures.

Yomi - assisted surgery offers unprecedented advantages in dental implant procedures. It complements your dental surgeon's skills providing guidance with precision. 

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Yomi consultation

WVU Dental periodontists have been performing dental implant surgery using the assistance of Yomi for qualified candidates since it was introduced to WVU School of Dentistry in 2020

To learn how to schedule a consultation, call 304-293-5831 or go to our periodontics services page for more information on our clinic.